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Drop - Theme settings

Theme settings exist to control the appearance of content and set the base style for your store. Where sections might have their own individual settings, theme settings are here to cover repeated or static content.


Add a favicon image which will be shown in the browser tab when customers visit your store.


Set the base fonts, sizes and styles used globally across the sections in your store, controls include:

Font families

Select the fonts for 3 main areas of your store.

  • Main font
  • Navigation
  • Headings

Font sizes

Control the size of the text across your theme.

  • Body text
  • Navigation
  • Page titles
  • Section titles
  • Subheadings

Letter spacing

Add some additional space between characters to add definition to your content.

  • Body text
  • Navigation
  • Buttons
  • Headings


Control the color scheme for different areas of your store which include:

  • General content ( text, borders, background )
  • Announcement bar
  • Header
  • Primary buttons
  • Secondary buttons
  • Slider / Carousel arrows
  • Footer
  • Section color schemes ( x3 )



There are several options available for controlling the look and feel of your shopping cart, we recommend trying them all to see your preference.

  • Cart type
    Choose the behavior when clicking the Cart button
    Page only:
     Go to the cart page.
    Drawer cart: 
    Open the cart in a side drawer.
    Modal cart: 
    Open the cart in a modal window.
    Page only - no automatic updates:
     Go to the cart page but require a refresh when updating, this option exists as we know some apps do not support Ajax or carts that auto update. Use this if your app experiences those issues and your app developer is not helping.
  • Show tax note
    Adds a message informing customers that tax is calculated at checkout.
  • Show shipping note
    Adds a message informing customers that shipping is calculated at checkout.
  • Show cart note box
    Allow customers to add notes to orders that you will receive in the order admin details.
  • Show shipping estimator
    Allow customers to access shipping information for their location.
  • Show free shipping countdown
    Set a value and show customers how much more they need to spend in order to qualify to increase your AOV.


Set your preferences for content shown across your store and sections

  • Section headings
    Select and control heading alignment.
  • Site animations
    Choose animations for images and text content when loading on to the page.
  • Search
    Limit search to just product results and enable live search suggestions.
  • Keyboard focus
    Control how content is highlighted when selected to aid overall usage for users with impaired abilities.

Product grid

Set the appearance and functionality options for products when multiple products are shown within a grid like featured collection sections and collection pages.

  • Image ratio option
    Help to set the height - width ratio of your images to keep your content perfectly aligned.
  • Text alignment
    Set the alignment of product titles and related content.
  • Show product vendor
    Toggle visibility of the product vendor / brand.
  • Show product rating
    Show product star ratings ( requires free Shopify reviews app ).
  • Show product description
    Displays the first 13 words of each products description.
  • Switch product image on hover
    Show the 2nd product image when hovering on each item.
  • Show product videos
    If products include video this will show the video within the grid for a more dynamic animated features of your products.
  • Show product color swatches
    Show color swatches informing customers of additional options.
  • Show product size swatches
    Show additional sizes to inform of further options.

Product pages

Product page options are shared between your product pages and featured product sections that can be selected across the theme.

  • Product variant style
    Choose between swatch buttons or a dropdown menu.
  • Show color swatches
    Toggle the usage of color swatch icons. Color variant title shown when disabled.
  • Color swatch shape
    Choose a shape for color swatches.
  • Color swatch style
    Choose between html colors, custom images or zoomed in variant images for display of color swatches.
  • Show dynamic checkout button
    Toggle visibility of express checkout buttons for Paypal, Gpay, Apple pay and more
  • When adding to cart
    Select the actions to follow when adding to the cart, options include Showing the cart or just a simple on page notification.

Social media

Select and add links to your social media accounts allowing customers to open and follow.