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Adding H1 content to your homepage

H1 text informs visiting search engine crawlers what the page they are viewing is all about, it should always be 100% relevant to your content.

For the purpose of SEO all of the content within your theme automatically has a relevant H1 heading. A product page for example will have the product title as its H1 text content, a Collection page will use the Collection title, and likewise for Blogs, Articles and Pages.

Your home page however is handled differently as there is no fixed content for it within Shopifys admin. The home page is made up from sections which are re-useable and commonly shared with other templates in your store. We do not assign an H1 heading to any of those sections because a page that has multiple H1 headings can be as detrimental to SEO as a page that doesn't have one at all, many merchants will be unaware of this and so there is no assignment within the sections for this.

How to add an H1

To add some H1 text to your homepage you can use a Custom liquid section which is included in all of our themes. 

  1. Open: online storethemescustomize theme
  2. In the theme editor sections sidebar click on Add section 
  3. In the dropdown select: Custom liquid

    shopify custom liquid section

  4. In the Custom liquid pane enter the following html:

    <h1 class="center a-center">
      My H1 heading text

    shopify homepage h1 text

  5. Replace: "My H1 heading text" as appropriate for your store keeping within 20 - 70 characters in length and save.
  6. You can now drag this section into any preferred position relative to others on the page.

H1 alone won't do it

It is important to note that while adding H1 text is good for SEO it is only as strong as the rest of the content on the page. An H1 title will do better in search if it has additional text content to support it. Adding a sentence or paragraph of supporting text is always advised. 

More text can be added to this custom liquid section but for ease of editing and control we recommend that you do not enter it here but instead follow this with a Rich text section (keeping the heading for that section empty). This will enable you to edit that content quickly and easily later without any need for additional code.

Keep the content concise and descriptive of the content on the page but avoid stuffing the same terms repeatedly. Too much repetition of the text used for the H1 text will be considered spammy, overused and will reduce the effectiveness of the page. 

When planning your content consider that a sentence is better than nothing, a paragraph is better than a sentence, a page is better than a paragraph. When it comes to content, the more the better!