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Broken HTML error in your theme editor

If you’re seeing this error in your theme editor:

This means that you’ve got extra code that’s been added in the rich text editor, where you created your page, blog or product/collection description, and it’s interfering with the theme.

This happens often when people copy and paste text from one source to another, which then pastes over the styling from the original source. When you’re typing your blog/product description/etc… in another place (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc…), be sure to paste into Shopify using Command/Control Shift V, as it will only paste the value of what you’ve typed, and not the styling. Better yet, it’s best to simply use Shopify’s rich text editor from the beginning.

When you have the broken HTML error, you can find the page in question in your admin, then clicking the button at the top of the editor that looks like this <>. This will show you all the code in your text; it should look clean, like this, with each opened tag properly closed:

When you’re getting those errors, it means you have extra tags, usually ones that haven’t been closed properly.

You’ll want to copy all of the text you wrote, then click into that <> area, delete everything from here, then click that button again, then paste your text using Control/Command Shift V, then editing its format from within the text editor provided by Shopify.