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Site isn't showing changes you've saved in the theme editor

Shopify has recently released a feature that allows you to selectively show information based on the market accessing your site, they call it "contexts." 

We're referring to this area in your theme editor:

Screenshot of the new context drop-down menu that displays beside the template drop-down menu at the top of the customizing theme page.

If you've worked in this dropdown, you will likely experience issues with your content not saving the way you're used to. As Shopify says,

If you make a change to a section or block in the Default context, then the change is applied to all contexts except for contexts where there is an override.
An override occurs when you make a change in one Context to be different from the settings that exist in the Default context.
After you create an override, any changes that you make to the settings or section order in the Default context aren't automatically updated in the context that you modify. 


Please read Shopify's help documentation for more details on this and how to sort it out when you're having difficulties, as it is not a theme issue, but part of their new international features.