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How to setup a mega menu / mega dropdown navigation

A mega menu allows you to group submenus in columns where a large number of organized links can be viewed by a customer at one time.

In order to show a mega menu your navigation must contain 3 levels of links.

Level 1 would contain your top-level links.
Level 2 (Submenus of level 1) would create the headings for each column
Level 3 (Submenus of level 2) Contain the links that populate each column

A 3 level navigation should look like this:

Once you have a 3 level menu established you can configure your theme to show a megamenu. 

  1. Open themes > customize theme and expand the Header section
  2. Click Add mega menu
  3. In the Menu item input enter the name of the link containing your submenus which you would like to convert to a mega menu. This input is case sensitive so the entry must be identical.
    In our example above we would enter: Shop
  4. Test by hovering on the link and click save