We are Underground

We are Underground started working with Shopify 2008, and opened store number 16 when Shopify was in it's infancy.

Since then we have worked with some huge globally recognized brands some of which include: LA Lakers, Marimekko, Cypress Hill, Noa Noa, Esther, iliac Golf and former world champion snowboarder Bert LaMar but our real strength lies with start-ups and small businesses. 

Our experience carries over 15 years of Online Sales & Marketing which we lean on heavily to design and develop rich Shopify Themes that focus on selling your products. 
We have amassed sales of over 20,000 Shopify themes and continue to develop new products to showcase your items in a way that appeals to your customers. 

SEO plays a strong part in everything we do. We understand that in order to compete with the big players the structure of your site must be geared towards search giving you the best possbile start to your own Online Marketing Campaigns. 

We are available to hire for custom work including everything from small modifcations up to complete sites. To find out more please contact us