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Drop - Release notes

Our themes are updated regularly in order to ensure that when Shopify release a new feature our merchants may benefit from it. Updating your theme is optional and will come with it's own hurdles where theme versions currently do not update automatically or inherit code from older versions.

Below you will see a history of theme versions and release dates including bug fixes, major rebuilds and minor style edits.

Current theme version: v2.2.0, released: 26th September 2022

v2.2.0 - 01/26/2023

  • Replace deprecated img_url with image_url
  • Remove javascript based lazy loading and replace with browser lazy loading
  • Add support for image focal points


v2.1.0 - 09/29/2022


  • We have applied a Shopify required update that replaces the product upsell block with a new complementary products functionality.

Fixes and other improvements

  • We fixed an issue that incorrectly showed a variant size on upsell product titles
  • We re-organized the theme translations for easier more logical usage
  • We added an Italian translation to the themes languages
  • We fixed an issue with mobile navigation limits that prevented theme updates
  • We added sticky functionality to product images


v2.0.2 - 09/08/2022

Fixes and other improvements

  • We fixed the mobile navigation inheriting the wrong background colors on collection pages.
  • We fixed the review star ratings not appearing on product pages.
  • We fixed the mailing popup not appearing on the theme when activated.
  • We improved the transition time for text animations by reducing the transition delay.
  • We fixed an issue where a gap was appearing beneath products using the countdown feature.
  • We fixed the mobile navigation where if there are submenus with the same name, only the first instance would show.
  • We fixed an issue where the pagination was not refreshing after filters are applied.
  • We fixed an issue where images added through the Rich Text Editor would appear too large.
  • We fixed an issue where the product SKU would appear over the variant drop downs.
  • We improved theme compatibility with the Recharge app.
  • Fix an issue where the slideshow would appear to hide and then re-appear on load.
  • We fixed an issue where variants did not switch on products with a single image.
  • We fixed the product drawer feature to update with the currently selected variant.
  • We fixed the rich text section from displaying placeholder content when either the rich text or page setting is empty.
  • We fixed an issue with the countdown section button showing when no text was present
  • We fixed an issue with social media links not being collected in structured data correctly
  • We changed the "Line item property" block to "Product customization".
  • We changed the mobile navigation to have it's position adjust in order with it's sibling blocks
  • We fixed an issue with the free shipping calculator that failed to support values with commas
  • We changed countdown notification form to include collection title where appropriate
  • We fixed an issue with dropdown text colors
  • We changed the slideshow caption by removing the background opacity setting
  • We updated the slideshow animation text transitions and speed
  • We changed the product grid content margins for cleaner layout
  • We fixed an issue that prevented variant swatch titles from vertically centering
  • We fixed a color issue in the collection filter sub menu drawer
  • We corrected padding on the countdown heading


v2.0.1 - 1st April 2022

The main purpose of this release was to fix bugs encountered in theme support and to introduce an additional preset named countdown

  • Fixes and other improvements
  • Fix a bug with featured collection that would stop products from scrolling on mobile_nav_scheme
  • Fix a but with article content that would render it beneath the sidebar on mobile
  • Fix an issue that prevented form errors from disappearing
  • Add information on product grid videos to inform of MP4 requirements
  • Fixed a style error that incorrectly showed borders on footer content in mobile browsers
  • Remove incorrect borders from product image modal navigation buttons
  • Correct an issue with the line-height of product upsell variants
  • Add antialiasing to text content to improve the appearance
  • Add Countdown preset style
  • Add minimum width to product grid swatch labels to improve the appearance
  • Reload the collection header when countdown ends for those that are watching live


v2.0 - 3rd March 2022

The main purpose of this release was to simplify and improve the countdown and launch features now that collection metafields are supported.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fix a bug causing the line item properties information to not pass to the cart
  • Fix a bug with quickshop showing on a sold out products
  • Update countdown section to live update when countdown hits zero
  • Update featured product section to live update when countdown hits zero
  • Update collection template header countdown to live update when countdown hits zero
  • Update the way the coming soon and sale features work. No longer supporting [#launch_date] or [#sale_end] short codes using metafields for all cases now. If a product has a collection and that collection has a my_fields.launch or my_fields.sale_end date set into the future it will be a coming soon product. You can override the date on the collection by putting a date on the product itself.


v1.3 - 19th January 2022

  • Fix sort by filter to show when over 1000 products in collection
  • Fix padding top on policy pages when header over content
  • Fix product grid swatch styles and logic for more 
  • Update to use collection metafields for launch and sale_end


v1.2 - 11th January 2022

The main purpose of this update was to address bugs and apply Shopify's required update to the currency picker which is now a county selector.

  • Shopify Update Currency Selector to Country Selector
  • Fix grammar issue in Upsell setting
  • Fix upsell block to only show if product exists
  • Fix items per row on mobile for Product Recommendations
  • Fix product popup links to be inline-block
  • Fix cart to be unique with forloop index
  • Fix blog article width if blog sidebar section hidden
  • Update currency selector to country selector
  • Fix product.js throws error when looking for upsell sale
  • Fix collection list loop image to featured_image not media 
  • Fix line item properties block setting heading is required
  • Fix remove item when 0 qty cart
  • Fix upsell variants to not link to product


v1.1 - 10th December 2021

The main purpose of this fix was to apply a fix Shopify requested we do after we launch the theme.

  • Fix notification forms to only show success on product the form was submitted on.
  • After back in stock request submitted redirect to original page even if it has pagination.