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Drop - Notify me form

All coming soon products automatically hide the add to cart button and show a "Notify Me" button in place. When the button is clicked it reveals a notification signup form where a customer can signup to be notified when the product releases.

Let's take a look at how these notification forms work from a merchant perspective. 

How do I show the notification forms?

All coming soon products set up following our Coming Soon guide for products will automatically show the form.

What happens when a customer submits the form?

When a customer submits the form it will send an email to your store contact email with the product title and customer email address.

Emails will come through with the subject line of "New customer message on..." followed by the date and time of submission. There is no way to change this subject line. If you are not receiving emails be sure to check your email services junk or span folder. 

How do I notify the customer when the product releases?


When an item is ready for release, you will need to manually notify customers via email. There is no way for Shopify to send out automatic notifications. Here are some ideas for managing this process.

  • Create a spreadsheet organized by product with a list of the customer emails and add new emails each time you receive a submission. When its time you can quickly sort by product and copy all the emails for a mass email. Be sure to use BCC for the email addresses or a service like Klaviyo.
  • Add the customers email to a email marketing provider list as they get submitted. Send an announcement email to the list when the product releases


If you would like to automate the process of notifying customers when items are released, you will have to use a third party app and this is not included with your theme purchase. Most third party apps will replace the existing notification form and store the requester's email and other information elsewhere and handle sending out notifications as well. 

One service to look into is called Zapier, it allows you to connect Shopify and many well known email marketing providers. You could potentially set it up to watch for an event in Shopify that triggers an event in your email marketing provider.