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Drop - Collection pages

Collection pages will output the collections that you have created in your store.
By default products will load in the order that you have specified within the collection admin of your Shopify store.

Drop includes 2 different collection templates, Default and Timeline.

Default template options:

  • Products per page
    Sets the number of products visible before pagination will be shown allowing customers to navigate to the next page.
  • Products per row
    Set the number of products shown per row, switches to 2 on mobile
  • Two per row on mobile
    Toggle this option to show 2 per row on mobile instead of 1.
  • Show product count
    Show the total number of products in the collection.

Default template blocks:

  • Filters
    Add filters to a slideout sidebar that utilize Shopifys OS 2.0 product filtering
  • Sort by
    Add controls to the slideout sidebar allowing customers to choose a preferred product order.

Timeline template options:

The timeline template will load your collections into an alternate view with a limited number per page. This template is intended for use with small collections of products that are coming soon as a part of the themes product drop makeup.


  • Items per page
    Select how many products are shown.
  • Product image overlay
    Set the color overlay of images to help highlight the countdown timer.
  • Product image text
    Set the color of the text used within the countdown timer for each item.

Tip: Open Theme settings > Product grid to see more options for product appearance when viewed in your collection pages. Options include quick view, switch image on hover, show alternate colors and more