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Icon - metafield product content

From Icon v8.4 onward metafields were introduced to new areas within product pages to give increased scope for additional content on a per product basis.

The following options are available, for setup and overall usage instructions for Metafields and content types please see our Metafield setup guide.

Product page blocks:

Text popup
Each product can show unique text popups with the creation and assignment of metafields. 

    Tab content
    Show unique content on a per product basis within a tabbed product description

      Product upsells
      Show an additional product as an upsell on product pages, select a unique upsell product for each or some of your products by using metafields

        Product page sections:

        Product banner image
        Assign a banner image by using metafields to keep it unique to a specific product

          Product dynamic content
          Add text and / or images to your product page unique to each product by using metafields.