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Icon - Blog and Blog posts

Shopify allows you to multiple Blogs in your store. Think of a Blog as a magazine and the Articles within that blog as it's pages. The Blog page of your theme will show your articles in a chronological order - most recent first based on the published date of the article.

Blog section settings

The Blog contains settings which control the appearance of its content.

  • Text
    Blogs do not have a description area within Shopify, optionally use this area to add some text content to your Blog page.
  • Align text
    Toggle center or left alignment of the above content.
  • Layout as a grid
    By default the Blog will layout in an alternating left / right display with images. Toggle the display to show in a more traditional grid.
  • Show author
    Toggles visibility of the article author
  • Show tags
    Toggle the visibility of tags applied to the article which can be used to show a filtered view of other posts sharing the same tag.

Tip: When creating Blog posts we recommend adding a featured image and using the excerpt input field, the excerpt will show on your blog page and acts as an introduction to the article.