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Icon - Sections

Icon includes a number of theme sections which can be used across your store repeatedly to build compelling visual experiences and maximize the display of your content.

Some sections in the Icon theme include a color scheme setting which allows for enhanced content definition and expedited setup by pre-setting up to 3 color schemes in your theme settings.

Icon sections

Items marked with * are not available for selection on the home page.


A text section that allows collapsible content panes, often associate with FAQ or questions and answers. Accordions are great for pages with large bodies of text content.

Background video

Display a large auto playing video as background content to optional calls to action, text and buttons.

A page header allowing for a full screen width image. This is section is available for use on the Collection, Blog, Article, Page, Cart and Customer accounts.

A text section which shows a navigation trail normally associated with products and a trail back to collections. For example when viewing a product page having opened the product from within a collection your breadcrumb trail will show: Home > Collection title > Product title

Collection list

A collection list allows you to select different collections from within your store and display them in any page of your store for quick access. Control the number of collections shown in the grid.

Contact form

Add a contact form to any page of your store allowing customers easy access to questions and answers.


What better way to promote a sale or in-store event than with a countdown. Add urgency to your promotions with a countdown timer.

Show a small unintrusive modal window that brings focus to your store policies which customers will need to accept in order to close the popup.

Custom liquid

Add app snippets or other Liquid code to create advanced customizations.

Editorial columns

Editorial columns show a grid of images above text for a strong column view, perfect for introductions to pages or additional product and collection details that benefit from additional organized content.

Select a blog from your store and show recent posts on any page, formatting controls allow optional content and layouts.

Showcase a collection of products in a grid or carousel, ideal for sale, new arrivals or adding products to any area of your store.

Add a specific product to any page within your store, great if you have a promotional product or subscription / gift offering.

Add a selection of images with optional text and links to your store to bring focus to products, collections or any other content. Control the width of each image to create different eye catching layouts.


Image with text overlay

Show a large full width parallax scrolling image with an optional title and text overlay, if you have lifestyle imagery then this is a great place to add that. We do recommend not using images that contain text for this area due to it's smaller size on mobile.

Image with text

Add an image alongside a title, text and button area with a colored background. Choose the size of your image and it's layout from left image or right image.


Add a map via the Google maps API to show a business or event location, add text with your store address and opening hours to help customers visit your store.


Capture your customers email address for future marketing on any page within your store.

Product banner image

Show a full-width banner on your product page, which can be dynamically set by using metafields.

Recently viewed

Show and remind customers of the products they have viewed as they navigate around your collections and content.

Rich text

Add text to clearly define content or policies in your store, use as secondary description content for your products to show returns or delivery info or show a simple welcome message and store hours.

Scrolling announcements

Add rich text announcements and control the number visible at any time with a scrolling carousel. Great for store announcements or testimonials from customers.

Shop the look

Display images with linked hotspots connected to up to 20 products.


The slideshow allows up to 5 slides with images and optional text to showcase lifestyle imagery and add calls to action driving customers to key areas of your store, optionally set to full width for ultra large images.

Tabbed content

Add a paragraph of text content to a tabbed area, show content from an existing page or add metafield content for unique tabs per product.


Add customer testimonials to your store, which on desktop show in a neat grid for quick visibility converting to a carousel on mobile to maximize screen space.

Text with icons

Display text highlights accompanied by small icons to highlight key features or policies like free delivery, global shipping and more.


Set a featured video to any area of your store.