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Icon - Product pages

Product pages include a number of setup options that allow you to shape and control the behavior and appearance of content.


Product section settings:

Product section settings are divided into groups for easier viewing.


  • Enable click to enlarge
    Adds a modal window with zoom in 
  • Gallery size
    Control how much horizontal space the image / media gallery will occupy on the page
  • Gallery type
    Choose between a traditional slideshow  with thumbnails or large stacked images to scroll down.
  • Slideshow thumbnail position
    If using the Slideshow option set the thumbnails to the left, right or below the main image.
  • Thumbnail images to show
    Choose how many thumbnail images are visible at one time.
  • Slider control style
    Choose between arrows or dots to navigate between slides.
  • Enable video looping
    When video is used on a product toggle it's ability to loop or play once.

Form options

  • Background color
    Set the background color of the product form area.
  • Show social share icons
    Show icons that allow customers to share your content to their social feeds.

Content options

  • Product description position
    Choose to show the product description on the right of the page or lower down in a wider display area
  • Lower description size
    If showing the description lower down, set the available width for this content
  • Background color
    Set a background color for the lower description if used.


Product page blocks

Product pages also contains blocks which allow you to control additional content and the order in which it appears on the page. 

  • Product header
    Includes the product title, vendor and price details.
  • Product form
    Includes product variants, quantity selectors, SKU, add to cart buttons and pickup availability.
  • Product description
    The product description content.
    Note that when tabs have been added moving this block will not adjust its position in relation to other content.
  • Stock levels
    Increase buyer urgency if inventory below selected number.
  • Text popup
    Show popup content in a modal window - great for a Size chart or delivery and returns info
  • Tab content
    Adds additional text content to your product page in a tabbed layout. When a tab is added your product description will automatically show as the first tab content.
  • Payment icons
    Show payment options accepted by your store
  • Range indicator
    Set minimum, median and maximum values within a selected range to show delivery timing, size & fit or any content that you would like to display in steps.
  • Product tag list
    Show a list of the tags you've added to your products.
  • Product customization
    Allows you to add a customization block for customers to add single line text, multiple line text, or an image. Best used on separate templates for customizable products. Does not adjust pricing.
  • Back in stock form
    Enabled in the Buy Buttons block. Allows your buyers to send a request for back in stock information on sold out products. 
  • Text with icon
    Add a line of text with one of our featured icons
  • Complementary products
    Set specific products you'd like to show on each product, using Shopify's Search & Discovery app


Tip: Open Theme settings > Product  pages to view more product display options which include showing swatches or dropdowns for variants, displaying the SKU, quantity and dynamic checkout buttons.
Note that these theme settings are shared with any Featured product sections that you choose to display in your store.