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Icon - Pages

Pages are kept simple in the Icon theme and simply render the content that you have applied to them. Pages include a Section setting that allow you to control the width of the content but for more powerful layouts we recommend utilizing sections to create a more compelling presentation without the need for code, frustrating apps or layout hacks.

When working with a page the sections that you add will be visible on all of other pages that share that same template. If you would like to create some different pages all of which have unique section content we recommend creating some alternate templates, see our creating alternate templates doc for more detail.


Section settings

Icon does include some sections and blocks to help you show content in a preferred aesthetic.

  • Page size
    Set your pages to a thin, full size or full browser width.
  • Sidebar position
    If block content is added a sidebar will display, choose between a left and right position

Sidebar blocks

  • Menu
    Add a navigation menu with clickable links
  • Image
    Add an image
  • Text
    Add some rich text


Icon page templates

Icon includes 3 pre-configured page templates. To select those for your content, in your Shopify admin open Online store > pages open the page and on the right side under Template choose from the following:

  • Page
    The default layout for all pages in your store.
  • Page.faq
    Adds an accordion section to the page allowing the display of collabsible content.
    Adds a contact form to the page allowing customers to reach you without exposing your store email address.

Tip: To configure and view the sections on the above pages, once you have assigned a page to a template you will need to open that page within the theme editor.