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Foodie - Theme settings

Theme settings exist to control the appearance of content and set the base style for your store. Where sections might have their own individual settings, theme settings are here to cover repeated or static content.



Add a small icon that will be shown in the browser tab and in the bookmarks toolbar



Control type across your store

  • Main font
    Selects the main font for body text + set it's size
  • Navigation
    Choose the navigation font + set it's size
  • Headings
    Choose fonts for your page titles and section headings + set the size
    The size you select will automatically scale for sub headings.


Carefully select the colors that will show in different areas across your theme. Colors are grouped to help with selection.

  • Announcement bar, Header & dropdown navigation
  • General
    Background: sets the color of the page background
    Secondary background: will be used as the background color for items in the product grid and collections with a menu layout

  • Headings, Body text, links and icons
  • Buttons
  • Directional navigation (slideshow, carousel)
  • Footer & Pre-footer



Foodie includes different visual options and functions for the shopping cart which change how this can be displayed in your store.

  • Cart type
    Choose behavior when clicking the Cart button:
    Page only: Go to the cart page
    Drawer cart: Open the cart in a side drawer
    Modal cart: Open the cart in a modal window
    Page only - no automatic updates: Go to the cart page but require a refresh when updating, this option exists as we know some apps do not support Ajax or carts that auto update. Use this if your app experiences those issues and your app developer is not helping.

  • Show tax note
    Toggles a message stating taxes calculated at checkout
  • Show shipping note
    Toggles a message stating shipping calculated at check out
  • Show cart not box
    Allow users to add notes to purchases
  • Show shipping calculator 
    Allow customers to calculate shipping prior to checkout
  • Free shipping countdown
    Set a total amount and alert customers to how much more they need to spend to qualify.


Age verification

Enables an age verification window to show when entering the store which requests customers to verify their age prior to viewing content. 



Settings for common areas that are on display theme-wide.

  • Section spacing
    Set the height between sections
  • Section heading alignment
    Set section alignment to left or centered
  • Scroll animations
    Choose from a large range of animations when content comes into view as you scroll down the page
  • Keyboard focus + borders
    Aids with the visibility of keyboard selected content for users with disability.


Product grid

Control the appearance of products when shown in a grid layout, for example Collection pages, Search, Featured collection sections

  • Image ratio
    Choose an image size / ratio for perfectly aligned product grids - helpful if you have images of varying sizes
  • Add padding around image
    Increases the space around each product image
  • Add dropshadow on hover
    Adds a dropshadow effect to the products when hovering
  • Show product vendor


Product pages

Control for product pages and products shown in a Featured section

  • Show dynamic checkout button
    Toggles visibility of quick checkout buttons
  • When adding to the cart
    Select cart behavior when adding items by opening the cart or remaining on the current page.

Social media

Add links to your chosen social media channels


Checkout colors and styles are injected by Shopify into the theme settings for every Shopify theme. These options allow you to set your preferred color scheme for the checkout which is commonly shared by all Shopify stores.

Theme developers do not have access, nor can they edit the checkout layout, design or code structure.