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Foodie - Release notes

Our themes are updated regularly in order to ensure that when Shopify release a new feature our merchants may benefit from it. Updating your theme is optional and will come with it's own hurdles where theme versions currently do not update automatically or inherit code from older versions.

Below you will see a history of theme versions and release dates including bug fixes, major rebuilds and minor style edits.

Current theme version: v4.2.0, released: 5th May 2023

v4.2.0 - 05/05/2023


  • We added the follow on Shop button ad part of a mandatory Shopify update
  • We added support for colore in the product swatch options
  • We added a cookie / policy popup section to the footer


v4.1.0 - 04/21/2023


  • We added support for Gift Card Recipients feature that allows you to email Gift Card products to a recipient
  • We added support for Italian language translations

Fixes and other improvements

  • We removed support for the [ banner ] shortcode which is superceeded by metafields with easier UX
  • We fixed an issue where the Age Verification feature did not continue on to the site after clicking the "Enter Site" button. This issue only occured when working in the Theme Editor.


v4.0.0 - 03/30/2023


  • We added support for header and footer section groups.
  • We added a setting in the Product Form block to display the product price beneath the product title instead of in the Add to Cart button.
  • We added an option in the Newsletter section to toggle displaying social icons.

Fixes and other improvements

  • We improved the Predictive Search feature to support new query suggestion resources.
  • We fixed an issue where the Age Verification feature did not continue on to the site after clicking the "Enter Site" button. This issue only occured when working in the Theme Editor.
  • We improved the featured collection section by adding previous/next buttons on the carousel on mobile.
  • We fixed the cart shipping countdown when the store currency has commas.
  • We improved the accessibility for product and cart quantity buttons.
  • We improved the support for international swatches.


v3.1.0 - 11/10/2022


  • We added support for complementary recommended products.
  • We added a setting to the Hero image with Text section to display the image either on the left or right side.
  • We added additional fields to the Contact form section such as company name, website and the ability to support custom fields.


  • We changed the Image gallery section so that if there is a single block that it will be displayed centered.
  • We changed the product reviews from the Product Reviews app to be full width.
  • We have replaced the a deprecated img_url liquid code across the theme for more performant image_url liquid code.
  • We have updated images where applicable to support image focal points
  • We have updated the slideshow to allow image height control as an option

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fix an issue with the structured data breaking for social media.
  • Fix alignment issues for social icons in the theme's footer.
  • We fixed the rich text section from displaying placeholder content when either the page or rich text setting are empty.
  • We fixed the button text in the menu section when background color is applied through the global color setting.
  • We fixed an issue where an empty caption would display on mobile for the Background Video section even if there is no caption content.
  • We improved the accessibility across all the theme's forms.
  • We fixed the images from automatically spanning full width on Rich Text sections.
  • We fixed the product rating stars not appearing when rating a product with the Product Reviews app.
  • We improved the accessibility across all the theme's forms.
  • We improved styles and alignment of carousel control arrows.


v3.0.1 - 02/09/2022

The main purpose of this release was to apply fixes for documented bugs.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fix issue in JS when a product has a single image in gallery with thumbnails
  • Fix Alt Image text on cart item images
  • Fix Product quantity increments when using keyboard
  • Fix filters not showing on search template when activated
  • Fix pickup availability drawer close button color
  • Improved loading speed when using Safari browser


v3 - 01/11/2022

The main purpose of this update was to get Foodie in line with the most recent version of Apollo (undrgrnd-framework). Making it easier to keep Apollo, Drop and Foodie up to date. Issues listed in git were also fixed and the new Shopify country selector update was applied.

  • Update menu setting info per Shopify requirement
  • Fix cart qty updates on discount w/forloop index
  • Fix comma in price slider is displaying the wrong price
  • Update to support page_image setting in og:image options
  • Fix additional checkout buttons only show in active cart
  • Update currency to country selector for Shopify update
  • Cart -/+ quantity negative should remove item at 0
  • Update color presets for placeholders
  • New background video section
  • New accordion section
  • New linklist section
  • New section heading section
  • Color schemes and less color settings to simplify
  • Typography settings for letter spacing and uppercase
  • Quickshop drawer/modal with quick add buttons
  • Option for product grid videos
  • Option for product grid show secondary image on hover
  • Option for product page swatches in addition to original dropdowns


v2.2 - 09/30/2021

The main purpose of this release was to add predictive search and tackle bugs.

  • Add predictive search
  • Fix store availability when one variant has no pickup
  • Fix: New Filters - When swatch color is two words the url to the file breaks
  • Fix: v2.2 - Price filter range slider not displaying in decimals
  • Fix: v2.2 - Firefox - Price range toggle z-index issue
  • Fix v2.2 - Firefox - Placeholder text color of select dropdowns on filters varies
  • Fix: Font/Background color on Image with Text button needs an option for desktop + mobile


v2.1  - 09/10/2021

The main purpose of this update was to meet Shopify update requirements and fix any known bugs.

  • Update app section and support product review original styles
  • Update to add new custom liquid section
  • Update support urls in settings - Issue
  • Update to add product rating metafield
  • Update to add price slider to price filter
  • Update to add faceted filtering to search
  • Update to theme typography sizing
  • Fix focus on slideouts
  • Update filter styles
  • Fix icn badges sizes
  • Fix sort by filter position
  • Update font size defaults on slice and grind
  • Fix featured product title to link to the product
  • Update to version 2.1 for changes


v2.0 08/10/2021

The main purpose of this release was to support Online Store 2.0 - Sections Everywhere and support the new core Shopify filtering. We also used the opportunity to tackle the following bugs.

  • Update to allow header icons only or text for Search, Account, Cart 
  • Fix missing French translations for header and then double-check all translations exist for each language
  • Fix RTE section to remove forced italic - Issue
  • Fix Hero Image with Text section grid should be half and half
  • Fix Hero Image with Text section button to use the section color
  • Fix to hide product details on Gift cards

v1: 06/09/2021

Initial  theme release to Shopify