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Vantage - Product pages

Product pages include a number of setup options that allow you to shape and control the behavior and appearance of content.


Product section settings:

Product media

  • Gallery style
    Choose between a full page width scrolling gallery* or a more traditional large image with thumbnails
    * Note that a minimum of 3 product images is required for the Full width gallery type
  • Thumbnail position
    Allows you to select the position of the thumbnail images, choose from Left, Right, and Below the main product image. On mobile, the images will resize and thumbnails will be hidden where customers are able to swipe through the main image carousel.
  • Images shown when full width
    When the Full-width Gallery style has been chosen this will dictate how many images are visible at any one time.
  • Enable click to enlarge
    Enables a modal window that will show an enlarged version of the image when clicked.
  • Enable video looping
    When Videos are included within your product media, toggle looping to allow the video to play infinitely.

Product content blocks:

Vantage includes a built-in product page accordion which will allow you to add more content to your product descriptions and keep it split into manageable blocks. Each selection will automatically create a new accordion pane:

  • Product description ( default )
    This is automatically included in the selections as it contains your product description content once more blocks are added you will be able to re-order this with the other content.
  • Product details
    Adds more product information inside it's own Accordion pane, content options include:
    • Show variant SKU
      Shows the SKU of the currently selected product variant
    • Show product inventory
      Shows the quantity of the current variant available for purchase
    • Show product weight
      Shows the weight of the currently selected variant
    • Show product type
      Shows the product type with link to other products of the same type
    • Show product vendor
      Shows the product vendor with link to other products with the same vendor
    • Show product collection
      Shows the current collection with link
  • Accordion content
    Add additional accordion panels with text editor which will be shown on all product pages, great for returns and delivery info
  • Product reviews ( Requires Shopify reviews app )
    Shows product reviews that have been captured for the selected product from the free Shopify product reviews app

Tip: Open Theme settings > Products to view more product display options which include showing swatches or dropdowns for variants, displaying the SKU, quantity and dynamic checkout buttons.
Note that these theme settings are shared with any Featured product sections that you choose to display in your store.