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Vantage - Pages

Page templates are applied to the Pages within your store. To work with pages open: Admin > Online store > Pages
When working within a page on the right side of the screen you will see the Template header and a dropdown allowing you to choose from some available options.

  • Page - Default, standard in all Shopify themes.
  • - Adds a contact form to the page.


Standard page template:

The basic page template is built to show your content as entered in the Shopify page text editor.
Only one setting is available via the Page template section:

  • Reduce page width
    Slims down the page content to around 65% of the standard page width which is helpful for text-heavy pages like Terms and policies.

Contact page template:

The contact page also includes options for configuration in the theme editor.

  • Contact form position
    Allows the form to be positioned to the left or right of content that has been included on this page from your page admin.
    The form can also be positioned below any page content that you have included.
  • Form fields can be selected and de-selected:
    • Show first name
    • Show last name
    • Show company name
    • Show address
    • Show website URL
    • show phone number
    • Show subject
    • Custom field one with text entry
    • Custom field two with text entry