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Vantage - Blogs & Blog posts

Shopify allows you to multiple Blogs in your store. Think of a Blog as a magazine and the Articles within that blog as it's pages. The Blog page of your theme will show your articles in a chronological order - most recent first based on the published date of the article.

Blog section settings

The Blog contains settings which control the appearance of its content.

  • Banner image
    Upload a banner image that will span the full width of the browser. Be careful to not make this too tall as it will force content down the page.
    We recommend an image 1800px x 400px - 500px tall for this.
  • image height
    Control the height of the banner image to make sure it doesn't push your content too far down the page.
  • Text
    Displays a description for your blog that is used across all the blogs on the theme.
  • Posts per page
    Select how many blog posts will be shown per page before pagination is shown
  • Image alignment
    Choose to Left, Right or alternate the alignment of images and text for each post
  • Text alignment
    Set the text from your blog post excerpts to center or left align
  • Show published date
    Toggles visibility of each blog post published date
  • Show author
    Toggles the visibility of the blog post author
  • Show author/date above title
    Sets the position of the author and date to above the post title for each
  • Show sidebar w/tags
    Toggles a sidebar that contains links to all tags used within blog posts

Blog content blocks:

The Blog page can also include an optional Newsletter block which will show at the bottom of the page.
Simply select this option from the Content area and open it to configure it's own options:

  • Heading & Subheading
    Add a heading and subheading to the Newsletter section
  • Color, weight, and size styles
    Control the color and text styles for this section