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Mr Parker - Theme settings

Theme settings exist to control the appearance of content and set the base style for your store. Where sections might have their own individual settings, theme settings are here to cover repeated or static content.



Upload a favicon image which will be displayed in the Browser tab and bookmark toolbar.



Control the color scheme for different areas of your store which include:

  • Announcement bar
  • Header
  • Navigation
  • General text and content
  • Banner captions
  • Buttons
  • Product options
  • Footer



Choose the font styles for your store content

  • Main font + size
  • Navigation font + size
  • Heading font + size
  • Section titles & subheading sizes



Set your preferences for content across your store

  • Ultra wide width
    Set the site content to a wider view on ultra large screens
  • Scroll animation
    Set the scroll animation for content as you scroll down the page
  • Rounded button corners
    Toggle between rounded corners or sharp edges
  • Section heading styles
    Select different looks for section headings to match your aesthetic
  • Keyboard focus & borders
    Adds greater visibility of keyboard selected content for users with disability


Collection lists

Set the visible options for collections when viewed within sections or the All collections page.

  • Collection image ratio
    Help align images of different sizes to keep a perfectly aligned grid
  • Collection titles
    Choose where your collection titles will appear
  • Show collection product count
    Toggle visibility of collection product counts


Product grid

Set the visible options for products when viewed in a grid ( collection pages, search, featured collection sections )

  • Product image ratio
    Help align images of different sizes to keep a perfectly aligned grid
  • On image hover
    Choose options for when hovering which include:
    Show secondary image: Display an alternate product image
    Show product info:
    Hide product titles and prices revealing them only on hover
  • Sale, New & Sold out position
  • Choose positing for the product icons

    Product details:
  • Text alignment
    Align product titles and pricing left or center
  • Bold prices
    Allow prices to stand out on the page
  • Show vendor
  • Displays the product vendor
  • Border around products
    Frame your items to help with definition

    Quick shopping options:
  • Enable quick view
    Adds a popup product modal for expedited shopping


Product pages

Choose available options which are available for a single product when viewed in either a product page or featured product section.

  • Product variant display
    Choose to display swatch buttons or a dropdown menu for selecting variants
  • Show color swatches
    Toggles color swatch visibility as color specific icons or the text name of the color ( Red, Blue, White etc.. )
  • Color swatch shape
    Choose Circle, Square or Rectangular color swatches
  • Color swatch style
    Custom images, allow you to upload color specific images ( see guide )
    Zoomed in variant images ( shows the variant image assigned to the color )
    Default color ( Uses the HTML color chart to show a solid color )
  • Show vendor
    Display product vendor / brand
  • Show variant SKU
    Displays the SKU for  currently selected variant
  • Show quantity selector
    Display a quantity input allowing customers to increment their quantity. 
  • Show dynamic checkout button
    Toggles visibility of quick checkout buttons
  • When adding to the cart
    Select cart behavior when adding items by opening the cart or remaining on the current page.



There are several options available for controlling the look and feel of your shopping cart, we recommend trying them all to see your preference.

  • Cart type
    Choose the behavior when clicking the Cart button
    Page only:
     Go to the cart page
    Drawer cart: 
    Open the cart in a side drawer
    Modal cart: 
    Open the cart in a modal window
    Page only - no automatic updates:
     Go to the cart page but require a refresh when updating, this option exists as we know some apps do not support Ajax or carts that auto update. Use this if your app experiences those issues and your app developer is not helping.

Social media

Add links to your chosen social media channels


Checkout colors and styles are injected by Shopify into the theme settings for every Shopify theme. These options allow you to set your preferred color scheme for the checkout which is commonly shared by all Shopify stores.

Theme developers do not have access, nor can they edit the checkout layout, design or code structure.