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Mr Parker - Collection pages

Collection pages will output the collections that you have created in your store.
By default products will load in the order that you have specified within the collection admin of your Shopify store.

Collection page settings include:

  • Products per row
  • Set the number of products shown per row, switches to 2 on mobile
  • Products per page
    Sets the number of products visible before pagination will be shown allowing customers to navigate to the next page.
  • Show sort by
    Allow customers to change the sort order of products within your collections
  • Show subcollections
    If viewing a collection page that also has a submenu of links in your main menu then the collections from that submenu will appear.

Collections contain the following blocks:

  • Sidebar filter
  • Adds a sidebar filter allowing customers to check multiple options for a more refined view of your products powered by Shopifys OS 2.0 product filtering.
  • Sidebar sub collections
    Create a navigation menu of your top level collections and create submenus containing their sub collections - when a top level collection is loaded, it's sub collections will appear.
  • Sidebar menu
    Add a navigation menu to a sidebar  for quick access to other collections and more content.
  • Sidebar imag
    Add an image with link to the sidebar
  • Sidebar rich text
    Adds text content to the sidebar

Tip: Open Theme settings > Product grid to see more options for product appearance when viewed in your collection pages. Options include quick view, switch image on hover, show alternate colors and more