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Forge - Release notes

Forge was initially released on July 13th 2022, it's features center on Jewelry and accessories but offer a wide scope that compliments clothing and other industries.

Forge v1.2.0 - 7th Novermber 2022


  • We added a new Complementary Product block to the Product and Featured Product sections.

Fixes and improvements

  • We fixed the product images in the Featured Collection section from appearing large before loading.
  • We fixed the horizontal scroll appearing on mobile when section animations are in use.
  • We improved the overall store accessibility by provided labels for all form inputs.
  • We improved the Slideshow section so that it will slide to the correct slide that is being edited.
  • We fixed an issue where Featured Collection sections failed to load their carousels.
  • We fixed an issue when resizing product galleries causing slideshow to miss images
  • We removed the masonry configuration for product page galleries
  • We improved the style and size of product variant labels
  • We improved the style for image gallery carousel arrows and enlarge icons
  • We fixed an issue with pagination not refreshing when filters applied
  • We update image placeholder colors to be based on text color
  • We increased button height for better mobile accessibility
  • We made improvements to the navigation megamenu layout


Forge v1.1.0 - August 17th 2022

Includes some minor bug fixes and improvements to existing sections and a new preset.


  • Fix theme code so that it is compatible with Recharge app.
  • Fix issue showing pointer cursor icon on content that does not contain links
  • Fix JSON issue preventing product set template from installing
  • Fix letter spacing on section buttons
  • Fix product enlarge icon hover color
  • Fix remove border from newsletter popup
  • We fixed the onboard product to display the quantity buttons with the product buttons block
  • We fixed an issue with the display of lists within product descriptions
  • We fixed an issue with blurred or non-showing product variant image swatches
  • We fixed an issue that prevented compare at prices from showing in the product grid
  • We fixed a padding issue within the themes header if logo positioned above navigation
  • We fixed the alignment of page content and sidebar sections
  • We fixed the mobile cart count alignment

Changes and improvements

  • Added new Carbon preset for alternate demo styles
  • Improve visual spacing for animated outline buttons
  • Improve image gallery options with text alignment and position
  • Improve image gallery options with desktop and mobile height range
  • Improve image gallery style code for greater efficiency
  • Improve image gallery overlay with color and depth option
  • Added CSS variables to capture section settings and reduce CSS
  • Reduce padding between product images for cleaner layout
  • We added a product page option for a smaller image gallery
  • We added settings to the slideshow section offering greater control
  • We changed the naming of "Line item property" to be called "Product customization"
  • We fixed the theme's structured data for social media
  • We added an option for collage images to show at full width on mobile
  • We added a mobile height option to the background video section
  • We improved Cart drawer spacing to show more items in the cart pre-scroll
  • We improved accordion sections to open and close the panels more quickly
  • We updated button styles in the hero image with text sections for consistency
  • We removed a pointless text alignment option from the text with icons section
  • We added a size range option to icons in the text with icon section


v1.0.2 released 27th July 2022

Forge v1.0.2 Includes some minor post-theme launch bugs noted within the theme demo store.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed sticky navigation causing the page to jump on mobile.
  • Fixed header so that page content does not overlap it on mobile.


released July 13th 2022

Forge v1.0.1 Includes some minor post theme launch bugs noted within the theme demo store.


  • Update theme JSON schema to show a default preset

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with button line heights
  • Fixed spacing and line heights for collection filters
  • Increase transition speed for text fade in settings



The first release of the Forge theme to Shopifys theme store.