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Forge - Jewelry Features

Forge includes some features catered to the Jewelry industry, follow the instructions below to use these features.

Metal Swatch Colors

By default swatches for products with color options default to a generic css color. In Forge we have added support for different metal materials to more accurately depict the color. You can add a simple solid color or use gradients. In the Theme Editor go to Theme Settings > Jewelry. 

Click on "Enable Metal Swatches". If you select a gradient color it will overwrite the basic solid color. You can learn about how to set up gradients in Shopify's docs

Option Key Words

Forge looks for the following key words in your product options name to determine which color to use, so your options must match one of the names below.

Supported Option Names

Color, Colour, Colors, Colours, Cor, Farbe, Couleur, Metal, Gold

Supported Option Values for Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold, Gold, 10kt Gold, 10kt Yellow Gold,  14kt Gold, 14kt Yellow Gold, 18kt Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold, 22kt Gold, 22kt Yellow Gold, 24kt Gold, 24kt Yellow Gold

Supported Option Values for Rose Gold

Rose Gold, 10kt Rose Gold, 14kt Rose Gold, 18kt Rose Gold, 22kt Rose Gold, 24kt Rose Gold

Supported Option Values for White Gold & Silver

White Gold, 10kt White Gold, 14kt White Gold, 18kt White Gold, 22kt White Gold, 24kt White Gold, Silver, Sterling Silver, 925 Silver

Other Supported Option Values

Platinum and Copper

Karat Swatch Labels

Forge also allows you to show a Karat label on the metal swatches. In the Theme Editor go to Theme Settings > Jewelry.

Click "Enable karat labels". This features looks at the same option names listed above, for example if an option value is "18kt White Gold" the swatch will show "18KT" over the top of the color.  

Custom Filter Icons

Forge includes 17 custom svg icons geared for the Jewelry industry. One of the places they are used is in collection filtering. You can, however, add your own custom PNG icons to filters as well, like the white diamond shown below.

To add custom icons you will need to save you transparent PNG at 80px by 80px. The naming of the file must be the filter name lowercase with "-icon.png" added to the end. For example an icon for "Black Diamond" would need to be "black-diamond-icon.png" or "Peridot" would need to be "peridot-icon.png".

Once you have your file ready go to the Shopify Admin > Settings > Files and upload it. Once it is upload be sure it is still named the same (no additional odd numbers or characters added to the name).

Text with icons Section

The custom icons are also available to use in the Text with Icons Section. The included jewelry icons are: Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Pendants, Asscher, Baguette, Cushion, Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Radiant, Round, and Trillion. 

You can also upload your own transparent PNG icon to the block settings. For this section a 100px by 100px PNG is suggested.