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Fashionopolism Collection pages

Collection pages will output the collections that you have created in your store.
By default products will load in the order that you have specified within the collection admin of your Shopify store.

Collection page settings include:

  • Rows
    Set the number of rows of products
  • Products per row
    Set the number of products shown per row, switches to 2 on mobile
  • Show collection title
    Toggle visibility of collection titles
  • Show collection image
    Toggle visibility of the collection image alongside the collection description
  • Description position
    Show the collection description above or below the products

Collections contain the following blocks:

  • Dropdown filter
    Adds dropdown menus above the products in your collection powered by Shopifys OS 2.0 product filtering
  • Dropdown sort by
    Adds a sort by option as a dropdown menu allowing customers to sort the order that products will appear in.
  • Sidebar menu
    Add a navigation menu to a sidebar  for quick access to other collections and more content.
  • Sidebar sort by
    Adds a sort by option to the sidebar
  • Sidebar filter
    Adds a sidebar filter allowing customers to check multiple options for a more refined view of your products powered by Shopifys OS 2.0 product filtering.
  • Sidebar text
    Adds text content to the sidebar

Tip: Open Theme settings > Product grid to see more options for product appearance when viewed in your collection pages. Options include quick view, switch image on hover, show alternate colors and more