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Testament - Product pages

Product pages include a number of setup options that allow you to shape and control the behavior and appearance of content.


Product section settings:

Product section settings are divided into groups for easier viewing.

Product form

  • Product form background
    Control the color of the form on the right side of your page
  • Product form border
    Add a border to separate the form from other content
  • Left align product details
    Toggle left vs center alignment of the product form.

Product media

  • Thumbnail position
    Display thumbnails to the left, right or beneath the main product image.
  • Enable click to enlarge
    Toggles the click to enlarge modal.
  • Enable video looping
    When video is used on a product toggle it's ability to loop or play once.

Product content

  • Allow multiple accordions  open at one time
    When using Accordion content blocks, this setting toggles between allowing visibility of more than one accordion pane at a time.


Product page blocks

Product pages also contains blocks which allow you to control content and the order in which it appears on the page. 

  • Variant picker
    Shows the variants for your customers to select their size. color, etc.
    *We strongly encourage you to enable the Variant picker at all times to avoid issues with customers not seeing your variants.
  • Quantity selector
    Allow customers to select a quantity to add to the cart
  • Buy buttons
    The Add to Cart + Shopifys dynamic checkout buttons
  • Upsell
    Select a product which can be shown inside your current product form, if quick view is enabled then a quick view link will be shown for fast shopping. If the product has no variants the quick view link will switch to an Add to Cart to encourage product upsells
  • Contact popup
    Show a contact form in a popup modal allowing customers to ask questions about the current product they are viewing
  • Popup
    Show page, text or metafield content in a popup modal
  • Line item property
    Collect further information from customers when adding to the cart like a name or additional text which will be captured with the order
  • Text with icon
    Show additional text with an icon to highlight store offers or policies like Free shipping, global shipping & more
  • Pickup availability
    When pickups are enabled in your store this will show stock locations and pickup information for customers looking to collect their order
  • SKU
    Show the SKU ( if used ) for the currently selected variant
  • Description
    The product description content.
    Note that when an accordion has been added moving this block will not adjust it's position in relation to other content.
  • Social sharing
    Social bookmarking links allow your customers to share links to your pages on their own Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest feeds. The more customers share those links the greater the SEO benefit and potential traffic flow to your store.
  • Accordion content
    Adds additional text content to your product page in a collapsible accordion layout. When an accordion pane is added your product description will automatically show as the first collapsible pane.


Product content section:

The product content section ( Added in v8.6 ) Allows additional content to be shown below the fold on product pages  which can be re-organized with other sections.

Product content blocks:

  • Description
    Show the product description in a wider area below the main product details as opposed to alongside the product images
  • Accordion content
    Show content within an expanding and collapsing accordion.
    Options include: Page content, Text content or metafield content to make it unique for each product
  • Reviews
    If you use the Shopify product reviews app, this area is pre-coded to show the product review content and text input within an accordion sharing the space with your description and other content
  • Featured products
    Show 2 featured products alongside the description or review content to add even more upsells of your products.


Tip: Open Theme settings > Products to view more product display options which include showing swatches or dropdowns for variants, displaying the SKU, quantity and dynamic checkout buttons.
Note that these theme settings are shared with any Featured product sections that you choose to display in your store.