Predictive search released for all Shopify themes

More great news with added functionality to all of our Shopify themes this week with the inclusion of Predictive search along with small edits and fixes to bugs found and reported in theme support.

What is predictive search and why do I need it?

Predictive search enhances product discovery, speeds up your customers route to a product and reduces friction. Whilst adding a search term to the header search form in your theme, matching product, page, collection and blog post results will be shown.

Products will be delivered in a grid layout as shared with your collection pages giving your customers access to a live set of search results without having to wait for a search page to load. By default the first 6 matching results will be shown, changing to a more refined array of products as your customer increases their search terms.

Predictive search will appear in the main search bar of your theme and in your mobile navigations search form when enabled. 

How do I enable this feature?

Enabling predictive search in your Shopify theme is simple. Open your theme settings and expand the global settings pane. Check that the checkbox is marked and you are ready to go, the theme will do the rest for you.

Does my theme have this?

This is a recent update to our Shopify themes, the following theme versions include predictive search:

Foodie v2.2
Theme detailsRelease notesFree trial

Icon v8.3
Theme detailsRelease notesFree trial

Testament v8.4
Theme detailsRelease notesFree trial

Fashionopolism v7.3
Theme detailsRelease notesFree trial

Vantage v8.1
Theme detailsRelease notesFree trial

Mr Parker v8.3
Theme detailsRelease notes Free trial