Theme Customizations

Want to make some changes to your Shopify theme and need some help making it look just right? Get expert code editing services directly from the theme developers.

Small Tweaks

$99 - $149

Our minimum for theme modifications is $99, the cost of a basic tweak which will take no more than 30 minutes and might include one of the following:

  • Custom font installation
  • Installing cart page Shipping calculators
  • Adding Terms & conditions checkbox
  • Create a page of collections controlled by a menu

A more extensive customization starting at $149, which is our hourly rate would be required for those changes up to 1 hour similar to:

  • Connect email signup forms with external providers
  • Changing layout position of some theme elements
  • Setup of alternate product templates
  • Mobile layout editing
  • Assistance in styling user content

Theme Update

$349 $399

Using an old version of a theme and want a hands-off move up to the latest version? We can do that for you!

  • Transfer and organization of content and images
  • Theme section & settings configuration
  • Setup of all theme templates across old and new versions
  • Guidance on usage of new options to improve conversions
  • Minor code edits at our discretion to ensure theme best fit
  • Free consultation on content design and improvement
  • App migration oversight and advice

Does not include the transfer of any modificatons made to older theme versions, this would require a custom quotation. To ensure 100% compliance with installed apps and third party software we strongly recommend that this content is transferred by it's creator and relevant support following our setup.

Theme Setup

Starting at $1200

Professional installation of your Underground Shopify theme with full setup of theme specific content and styles.

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Don't see an option that fits your project, get a custom quote!

Service FAQ's

How many tweaks or customizations do I get with each purchase?
Each booking is limited to 1 single tweak, customization or theme setup.

Can I purchase multiple customizations as part of a bigger project?
No, if you have a larger scale requirement we recommend working with a Shopify Expert.

I am a designer working for a client, can I use this service?
Yes, however we require a direct line of communication with the store owner and written consent including acknowledgement of the work to be undertaken and price for the tweak service provided to avoid future support issues.
We can not start work on the purchased service until this has been completed.

If I update my theme later will you transfer the changes for me?
No, the cost of the service is for the time spent on making them, this would need to be replicated and would have it's own future costs.

Why are changes not covered within the free theme support?
Theme support and modifications are 2 separate entities. Support is provided with a theme for free, this covers the usage of the theme and support of the components that have been built into that theme. Changing code, configurations and options does take time and therefore is not covered by that support.

When will the changes be made?
You will hear from us within 1 business day of purchase to make arrangements for the work required.

I have more than one store, are the changes included in all of them?
No, a modification is purchased for a single store only unless a prior agreement has been reached with us. We will not replicate modifcations between multiple stores under one single purchase.

What if I am not happy with the work?
At all times we will work with you to ensure that we have a full understanding of the work required and will advise on all options along the way. There would be no circumstance in which this can happen.

Why am I paying before the work has been done?
Unfortunately we, like all other service providers have been burnt in the past by non paying clients and given fraudulent payment details, this way we ensure that we are working with bona-fide customers.

What if you can not provide the service that I have requested?
If we can not provide the service or your requirements do not fit we will contact you immediately with either a full refund or some alternative options for you to choose from.

Can I use any of these services to fix broken code alterations in our theme?
No, if you are having issues as a result of modifications or apps we recommend either a clean installation of the theme, to reach out to the support team of the app that is causing the problem or to revert to a backup of your theme.

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