Shopify Theme Tweaks

If you need a small Shopify theme layout or code change that is beyond what is offered within your theme we offer a simple one tweak service that will be carried out internally by the our theme experts. Each tweak purchased covers a task that can be added to your store inside of 30 minutes and would be completed within 1-2 business days by our team.

Theme tweaks typically involve changes such as:

  • Building in custom fonts
  • Installing scripts and add-ins from Shopify like Shipping calculators
  • Adding tag filters
  • Switch images on hover
  • Minor design edits


  • Booking is for 1 tweak only, additional requests following completion of this tweak can not be included within this booking.
  • Tweaks are available for our own themes only.
  • Tweaks may not be purchased by designers on behalf of their clients.
  • Multiple tweaks may not be purchased in order to cover a modification out of the scope of our theme tweaks service. This service is designed for small changes only.

Using the form on the right side of this page enter the details of the tweak that you require. Add in the URL of your store complete with storefront password ( not admin ) if applicable and complete the checkout.

We will contact you within 1 business day requesting admin access to your store.

If for any reason the tweak that you have purchased is beyond the scope of what we can offer with this service we will inform you of this and refund your purchase immediately.

$79.00 USD