Small tasks for Shopify themes

Have our support team make minor edits to your store


Extended support tasks completed in 1 business day

Modification In depth

A small task is a modification service that would take less than 30 minutes to complete and is offered at this discounted price where the work needed falls below our standard hourly rate of $149.

This service is reserved only for customers who have been passed this link specifically for a modification that has been discussed with our support team.

Service limitations:

You have been given the link to this page after requesting a modification by a member of our team. After booking we will make the modification as originially arranged with you.

The price is for the agreed modification only and will not include additionally requested changes unless previously agreed. Additional changes beyond this will be considered out of scope and would be their own stand-alone tasks, each priced individually

* If you have not been directed to this page by a member of our team do not use this form to book modifications. Modifications requested via this form without prior arrangement will be cancelled and refunded within 28 days.

Purchase Modification


The new theme installation will adapt only its layout and structure. Original layouts from older theme versions will not be changed or implemented to a new version of the theme as a part of a theme update and would need to be identified and handled as their unique modification service.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an accurate and full understanding of this service prior to purchase and have provided all the details prior to submission as we can not add additional changes once work has commenced.