Shopify With a Purpose

Are you old enough to remember a time before the internet? Before mobile telephones? Did things seem simpler back then?

If the answer is yes to all of these things, then you are probably caught up in the same whirlwind of activity that most of us are. Some people can adapt to this super-busy environment with ease, and yet others cannot.

Here and Now

How you trick yourself into being busy without getting much done.

One way that we deal with an overactive case of input is to try and deal with a bit of everything at the same time. We bounce from email to action, back to another email and back to another 'thing' informed by the last email you read and so on. The cycle continues, only to be broken up by phone calls and the list of actions defined by importance or perceived deadlines.

It's very easy to get so caught up in this permanent state of activity that you do everything badly by not giving each thing the attention that it deserves. Your mind might be telling you stories about the larger picture in front of you. 'To succeed I must do this, write that, send that, post that on Facebook' and so on.

The reality is that other people around you in your business expect you to be there for them when they need you. Of course, this cannot be the case all of the time and so, worry and anxiety become commonplace. You are letting yourself down, and you are failing those around you! Step back and look at this situation. How can you perform with purpose when you have all of this going on. It's madness.

So how do I deal with this stuff? There is still a job to do after all.

It's a simple process, but hard to accomplish without giving yourself yet another 'action', but hopefully not an onerous one.

First, think; 'What is my purpose right now?'. Do not go any further than 'right now' because this is the only time that is important. What you did a minute ago is history, and the future is just a thought until it happens. When it does, it is 'right now'.

If you ask 'What is my purpose right now?' You might be scheduling an advertisement for your new product range. So that is your purpose. Are you writing some copy for the advert? Then that is your purpose. Do you think that your purpose is to do well with this advert so that you can make money and be successful? A typical thought about a possible future, but it is not your purpose right now. Right now your purpose is to do the thing that you are doing with Quality. Pay attention to it, and if you become distracted by something outside, pay attention to that thing because it is what is happening now.

You will probably read, or may have read books about time management and so on that tell you to spend 20 minutes on this, make a list on that. Break down the list and focus on these things. That may work for some people, but honestly, the only thing that matters is asking you what your purpose is right now, what is happening right now and giving it your undivided attention. Creating this space in the flow of your day gives rise to Quality work and interactions.

A Busy Shopify Shop Owner Indeed

As a Shopify store owner, you are going to be busy working on these things:

  • Product acquisition
  • Fulfilment
  • Customer enquiries
  • Product photography
  • Copywriting
  • Creative banners & assets
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Reporting
  • Accounts & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling new product releases
  • SEO
  • So many more things to mention!

You have a lot on your plate as they say, but remember to focus on what is 'now' and do whatever it is justice. When you do this, you produce Quality that helps you on your journey to 'success'. Whatever that looks like :)