OS2 Themes & Sections Everywhere

We are pleased to announce that first 3 of our theme updates have today been released with full support for Shopify OS2

Foodie, Testament and Fashionopolism Shopify themes are now available for purchase in Shopifys theme store with complete support for Sections everywhere and product filtering using Shopifys new tools for precise product selection.

Merchants using those themes can now benefit from:

Sections on every page

Up until now, merchants have been limited in how they represent their businesses on Shopify, with the flexibility of sections being limited to only the home page. Code edits, elaborate workarounds with blocks, or custom apps were needed to achieve a similar effect across other pages.

That all changes with sections on every page. Now, merchants can add sections to all pages, not just the home page, unlocking a range of new opportunities to personalize every aspect of a store. 

App Blocks

Apps integrate with themes in a sometimes catastrophic manner, leaving merchants to add code into templates previously left stores with an unmanageable level of instability. App Blocks now take this problem away by adding apps into draggable sections to ensure they are positioned as intended in your store.

Faceted product filtering

Adding tags to products is so last year, Shopifys new Filtering tools available via: Admin > online store > Navigation ( if an OS2 theme is installed ) allow you complete control of filtering your products.

Filter by price, color, size, availability, type, brand and more... No tags and 100% drawn from the options in your store.

Want to show all Size 4 products in red that are in stock? Now you can... your corresponding images will also switch according to your selections!


We can't wait to show you more in the coming weeks as we release Icon, Mr Parker and Vantage  with OS2 compatability