Fashionopolism v6.2.1 update now available

Earlier this week we released an updated Fashionopolism theme, version 6.2.1.
The release features some fixes to bugs found in the previous version plus some updates and changes to the way that content and options of the theme. If you are interested in updating to this version and want to know how to proceed then be sure to take a look at our last post: How and when to update your Shopify theme.

So what has changed?

Header: The first change you will see relates to the layout of the header.
Options now allow for several different configurations and layouts allowing for the logo and navigation to take on different appearances better suited to your content. Those options include:

  • Logo above navigation, left aligned
  • Logo above navigation, center aligned
  • Logo inline with navigation

We have also implemented a change to the search box layout with options for large or small appearance or a simple icon which will open a modal for searching with some examples of the new layout options pictured below.

All changes to the header can be made in the Header section of your theme editor along with controls for the text and background colors within the standard theme settings area.

Home page: We also took this as an opportunity to refine some of the settings and add some more clarity to the content display with additional options and enhancements for desktop and mobile. Those changes include

  • Home page image gallery now scrolls horizontally on mobile
  • Home page slideshow captions now feature increased position control
  • Image with text overlay caption positions are now editable
  • Text boxes have a cleaner layout with horizontal scroll on mobile
  • Blog posts now show more options with a cleaner layout

By adding scroll functions to key areas of the home page we allow a greater deal of content to be accessible to customers without stacking and making the page too tall to be navigated easily.

Collection page: The collection page in your store has seen some small edits to the sidebar and filtering options allowing for a greater control over content allowing for a much more refined experience when shopping your store.

  • Sidebar filters now use blocks so can be created and repositioned on the fly
  • Menus, images and text content now available in the sidebar
  • Dropdowns can feature for additional layered navigation within a collection

Filtering is a big part of our themes and helps to create a simple flow for customers to use when viewing a large selection of products within a single collection page. Our customers often use these for filtering by color, size and many other unique product features

Blog: Shopifys Blog and articles templates have seen very little in the way of changes in the past few years and are still we feel a little limited. With the introduction of section editing a few years ago more options became available to designers and developers in terms of creating content and so we have utilized this in order to present some new options for your Blog posts along with a re-designed Blog layout. Blog posts and Blog overview pages now include:

  • Featured banner image ( Blog landing page )
  • Featured product
  • Bio / Profile area
  • Image upload with link to any content
  • Rich text for additional content
  • Featured menus
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Tag layered navigation

The Fashionopolism theme is available via the Shopify theme store and has a one time only cost of $180 USD which is a very small outlay for a theme that will see regular updates to keep up to date with Shopify's latest features and completely free lifetime support. Available with 4 pre-configured styled for quick startup and a free demo the theme also features:

  • Sectioned setup for easy drag & drop layout configuration
  • Responsive layout for simple adaptation to mobile and tablet
  • Sticky navigation
  • Product videos
  • Product 3D / AR objects
  • Quick view modal window
  • Ajax add to cart basket
  • Slideshows
  • Image Galleries
  • Featured text areas
  • Google maps integration
  • Features products and collections
  • & so much more

To demo the theme in your Shopify store now please visit Shopifys theme store purchasing is simple and easy via your Shopify billing.

If you have questions about the theme or would like to know more about purchasing or updating please reach out to our Shopify theme development team via our contact us page where our team members will be happy to help.