A short introduction to Rare.io

Predictive email marketing automation for ecommerce

Due to inbox overload and irrelevant content, customers aren’t reacting positively to email marketing. They mostly ignore or unsubscribe, hence the reason why the industry click-through rate average is around 3%. For online stores, a successful email marketing strategy can make or break the business. Therefore, mass emailing customers isn’t the optimal solution for online stores.

Rare.io is a predictive email marketing solution for ecommerce that gives online stores the ability to send personal product recommendations to individual customers at the time they are most likely to buy. It does this by looking for trends in data and customer purchase habits from the online store. From that, the predictive engine can recommend the next products each customer will be most likely to buy, when they will buy them, and when they are likely to stop buying. By using the store’s customer transaction data, it can detect trends and data patterns that we use to enable the store owner to email the customer with more relevant information.

As you can see in the screenshot, the store does not have to fill the product section as the predictive engine takes care of it. From a commerce standpoint, predictive email gives every online store the same email marketing power as Amazon. Beyond the predictive ability, the app enables you to design beautiful, responsive emails without any additional lines of code and provides extended segmentation features to create highly targeted lists for more customer insights, better promotional campaigns, and better results.

Does it really work?

We visited the Shopify app to see what online stores are saying and noticed how most comments talk about their great support, the power of predictive email and the great return on investment online stores receive using it. With more than a thousand installs and 75 positive reviews, we can answer with confidence, it does work.

In short, just like our ability to design themes that power thousands of stores worldwide, Rare.io enables you to increase your revenue with email marketing. You’ve trusted our focus on conversions with compelling customer experiences when you installed one of our themes, it’s time to trust Rare.io’s predictive email and watch the magic happen. Get started here.