Taking Control of the Mailchimp Thank you page

As many Shopify Themes now feature a built in connection to Mailchimp for adding email subscribers we are asked on many occasions if there is a way to not have customers directed to Mailchimp when they signup to email marketing lists.



The answer to this is Yes and here is our guide to setting that up.


In your Shopify admin click on Pages and then create a new page.
Give this a page a title that your customers will understand, bear in mind that as part of Mailchimp's double opt-in process your customers will receive an email asking them to click a link to confirm their subscription.


This is there to save you from issues in future where some may claim to have never signed up especially if they see you as a source of Spam. It also guarantees that your recipents are bona-fide customers who are interested in what you have to say.


We would suggest naming the page: Thank you or Almost There... On this page you must remind customers that they need to click the link in their email to confirm subscription, it is also good to ask customers to add this address to their safe senders or contacts to ensure that your emails to them are not passed to their junk mail folders.


Include images if possible but do not offer any discounts or rewards just yet... Otherwise your recipients get the reward before the confirm.


When your page is ready save it, publish it and open it in your store ( you don't have to add any links to this from the Navigation ).
Once the page is open copy the URL from the address bar in your browser, you will need to paste it soon...



1. Once you have connected your Shopify Theme to a Mailchimp Mailing list you have additional options on what the customer will see once they enter their email address and click submit. Login to your account at www.mailchimp.com


2. Once logged in Click on Lists and then on the right of the list your customers are subscribing to click the down arrow and choose: signup forms


3. On the next page choose: General Forms


4. On the General Forms page you will see a section titled : Forms and Response Emails below this is a dropdown menu.
In here choose: Signup thank you page


5. You will see an input titled: Signup form URL in here paste the address of your thank you page and click save.


Customers who signup for emails will now be redirected to this page instead of the default Mailchimp page.
Use your own email address to test this before you show it to your customers.


It is well worth taking the time to explore the other pages in this section of Mailchimp as you can totally customise the entire experience for your customers. For each Mailchimp will show their own content which you can preview to get a better understanding of when and where customers will see this, plus any content that you might like to add to your own custom pages.