• Who is We are Underground?
  • Based in Orlando Florida, We are Underground started in 2008 formerly known as Underground Media.
    We provide Shopify themes and website templates for the Shopify ecommerce platform.

  • What is your connection to Shopify?
  • We are a Shopify partner and have been building custom stores and templates since 2008 and opened one of Shopify's very first stores.
    An original partner of the Shopify partner and expert program our themes power a high volume of Shopify stores and serve as the start point for many web designers.
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  • What services do you offer?
  • At present we build, maintain and offer small tweaks to Shopify themes.
    At this time we do not work on custom web design projects.

  • How do I contact you?
  • All contact should be made via our online form, unless you are contacting us for support with your Shopify theme, in this instance please visit our Support site

  • When purchasing a theme what do i get?
  • When purchasing a Shopify theme you will receive all versions of that theme as presets, to switch between these presets open the Presets option from your theme customization window where you can select between those and create your own.

  • Is the theme price a one off cost?
  • Yes, you pay once for a theme and can download future versions of that theme for free in future.

  • Do you have an affiliate system?
  • Yes, we offer a 15% commission fee on theme sales via our own Shopify theme store
    Register here to join the official We are Underground affiliate scheme.

Theme support

  • Who supports your themes?
  • When purchasing one of our themes you will receive the same level of support as if you had purchased directly from Shopify.
    Shopify will continue to support you within usage of your online store whilst all support related to the theme that you use will be passed to us directly. A common misconception is that Shopify will not support you if you use a third-party theme. This is inaccurate

  • What does support include?
  • For a full breakdown please view our support policy

  • How do I install a theme?
  • Once you have purchased your theme check your email for an automated download from us, please also check your junk mail
    Save the download that is triggered from within this email to your desktop. This will contain a zipped folder. Do not open or extract this folder.
    Once you have downloaded the file open your Shopify admin and head to the Themes page where you can click on the Upload a theme link
    Locate the zipped folder and click upload, this will begin the installation of your theme.

  • Do you install and setup the theme for me?
  • No, we can not currently offer a theme setup service. Shopify has an excellent resource of Theme setup experts who offer this as a service.

  • How do I modify the code in my theme?
  • Once you have purchased a theme you have full access to the code within and can modify any files to your own preference. This should not be attempted by anyone who does not have strong code knowledge.
    If you are looking for assistance in changing the design or code within your theme we recommend the Shopify Experts marketplace.

  • Can we Skype or use Team viewer?
  • No, all support is handled via an email ticket system in which we serve all with a fair level of support on a first come first served basis.
    This ensures that all customers receive the same level of service regardless of size.

  • What is your support turnaround time
  • Support timing can fluctuate on any given day based on demand. We do our utmost to cover all emails within a few hours of receipt with the exception of weekends when our offices are closed.

  • As and when i want to make changes will you do it?
  • No, we can be hired for minor changes to your theme via our theme tweaks service, we can not however be on hand to make all changes required as a member of your own staff would be.