Update my theme to the latest version

Updating a theme to a newer version is free if doing that yourself.


Hand over the process of updating your Shopify theme to the people who know it best.

Modification In depth

Professional setup of your theme by our in-house team to optimize the look, layout, and style of your content.

Regardless of which theme version you are currently using we will update you to the newest version setting up all theme settings and configuring new sections along with the transfer of existing theme images and content.

While we will do our utmost to ensure that apps transfer without problems there are some that will require assistance from the App support team. Where we need we will contact the app developer to request any appropriate assistance. All app developers should have a guide on migration between themes made available to their customers. We can not, however, guarantee compatibility when updating a theme.

Please note that:
This service does not include the transfer of code modifications made within your original theme to the new version.

The design of elements within the theme and structure will change between theme versions. When updating we can not include changing the new version or elements within that to look identical to those in older versions.

The scope of code changes within a Shopify theme is limitless and we would have no way to foresee changes that a respective customer of this service might have had made nor can we guarantee that code added by other parties will continue to work with later versions or is free of bugs.

Where required our team will make minor edits within the new theme installation files at their discretion to ensure a good content fit for your setup. This is not a modification service for requested changes, however.

What we will need:

  1. Admin access to your store
  2. Access to the themes section of your store
  3. Requirements and titles for the above fields
  4. Admin access to your email software provider

Service limitations:

The price for this service includes developer coding, allocated time for communication, and 1 to 2 revisions.
In an effort to provide a fair, valuable, service to all our merchants who have modifications booked, we must set limitations to each service. Once work on your service has begun, our developers cannot answer additional questions about unrelated modifications, please send all additional questions and requests for further modifications through our quotation form. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an accurate and full understanding of this service prior to purchase.

  • One modification to a single store only
  • Quotations include time allowance for communication. Extensive follow on requeuests will incur further billable hours
  • Work to be undertaken limited to this only
  • Additional modification requirements must be handled in a new quotation and may not be added to an existing project once work has commenced
  • Modification is not transferable across multiple theme installations
  • Modification is not transferable across other theme versions
  • All modifications are offered to Underground created themes only
  • While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction we do not offer refunds for modification services

Purchase Modification


Service FAQ's

Is the price of the theme included in the service?
No, the theme must be purchased seperately from the Shopify theme store in order to get a valid theme license. It must be purchased before we can begin work on your project.

When will the project begin and how long will it take?
You will hear from us within 1 business day of purchase to make plans and ask any project questions. Be sure to watch your spam inbox as sometimes our emails can be blocked. Theme Setup takes about 1-3 weeks until completion as long as you actively reply to any questions throughout the process. It is crucial that you have all content (text, photos) organized and ready to provide at the start of the project, or this will delay the project.

Can I request more changes while we have you working on this tweak
No, when a tweak is purchased we fit this into our workflow alongside other work booked by other customers with their own deadlines to consider.
Unexpected changes without a prior agreement will create disruption to that workflow, unnecesarily ties our developers to email instead of code work and causes confusion regarding the initial project.
If you have additional changes that you would like to make that you do not see in our preset tweak services and would like a quotation for those please use complete this form

What is required of me during the project?
Availability - This project will require your time as much as ours. It is important for you to be available to answer questions and provide feedback within a reasonable amount of time and understand how your schedule can impact the project.

Content - You will be required to supply all necessary text, artwork and photographs in an organized and appropriate format. Excessive time spent reformatting images or text due to unorganized delivery or inappropriate format may incur our hourly rate. All content will need to be sent to us using a shared Dropbox folder.

Why am I paying before the work has been done?
Unfortunately we, like all other service providers have been burnt in the past by non paying clients and given fraudulent payment details, this way we ensure that we are working with bona-fide customers.

I am a designer working for a client, can I use this service?
No, this service is designed specifically as a direct help to merchants. We will only work with the merchant directly.

I have more than one store, are the changes included in all of them?
No, a modification is purchased for a single store only unless a prior agreement has been reached with us. We will not replicate modifcations between multiple stores under one single purchase.

What if I am not happy with the work?
At all times we will work with you to ensure that we have a full understanding of the work required and will advise on all options along the way. There would be no circumstance in which this can happen.

What if you can not provide the service that I have requested?
If we can not provide the service or your requirements do not fit we will contact you immediately with either a full refund or some alternative options for you to choose from.