Icon v7.5.2 update released

This update to the Icon theme is a major update that has been made over several months to coincide with updates from Shopify toward increasing the performance of themes and the platform itself.

Major changes within this theme version include:

  • Removal of all jQuery code and dependence on the jQuery library
  • Replace all jQuery functions with vanilla Javascript
  • Rebuild shopping cart functionality with new Javascript
  • Rebuild quick view functionality with new Javascript
  • Rebuild modal and drawer functions with new Javascript
  • Update code structure within theme.liquid for performance increase
  • Prefetch, Preload and defer scripts & stylesheets where possible
  • Rebuild key sections and templates with new code structure for performance and stability improvement

There were thousands of lines of code changed within this update which represent a major shift in the way that themes are constructed and perform with a view to bringing faster page speeds to merchants stores.


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