Icon v7.5.0 update released

A decision was made by Shopify in early November 2020 to start a process that requires all Shopify theme partners to remove the dependency of jQuery and other slower libraries in favor of vanilla Javascript.

This brings about some major changes to the way that themes are constructed and function so will be the beginning of major changes which will be stretched out into a series of updates over the coming months to ensure stability and management of bugs that are caused.

Major changes within this update include:

  • Replace jQuery dependent Slideshow with vanilla JS Flickity
  • Replace jQuery dependent Sticky header with JS
  • Update Mobile navigation to support blocks
  • Update password page to use Layouts
  • Add preloading of javascript and stylesheets
  • Preconnect to external Shopify libraries 
  • Add subscription selling plan liquid to product pages
  • Fix issues with slideshow caption spaces
  • Fix issues with collection sidebar image
  • Fix issues with price alignment
  • Fix issues with image gallery buttons
  • Add A11y compliant code for accessible header and navigation


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