Icon 7.5.5 update released

A theme update was today released to fix bugs found within our theme support tickets. Although updating is not imperative it will alleviate issues that you might encounter within your usage of the theme.

Fixes from todays release include.

  • Fix cart note and shipping calc accordion colors
  • Fix HTML video looping
  • Fix currency selector going behind nav bar
  • Fix blurry product image in product grid
  • Fix mobile product image click to enlarge snapping issue
  • Fix back in stock setting issue
  • Fix back in stock confirmation issue
  • Fix product grid swatches custom image
  • Fix single variant color swatch
  • Fix collection list grid when set to 4
  • Fix issues with dynamic checkout buttons on cart when drawer or modal open
  • Fix quickview overflow (aka all modals overflow)
  • Fix variant images when thumbnails set to 0 issue
  • Fix view in space button when more than one model
  • Fix featured product selector id when same product on homepage twice
  • Improve cart to allow edit input to change qty and go to 0 to remove item
  • Fix add to cart msg on featured product when more than 1
  • Add resize and intersection observerfeature detection
  • Fix translation for account page order history


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