Shopify and WordPress Playing Nicely

We will come right out with it and say that Shopify is fantastic as a shopping platform, but its blogging potential is not the strong point. The built-in blogging functionality is solid and useful for all of the reasons that a blog is useful, but it doesn't compare to the best and most famous blogging platform out there, which of course is Wordpress.

The benefits of using Wordpress include the ability to garner advertising revenue (if your blog is successful), go wild with SEO and the various plugins that help you with that, and well, it's just brilliant and well supported. Just like Shopify is in the e-commerce world.

So what happens when your two best friends start playing nicely together?

Potential! That's what happens.

shopify buy button

Before going much further, we need to mention Woocommerce. Right now, Woocommerce is the historical shopping framework for Wordpress. It's getting better all the time, but we have to say that it feels a bit clunky in comparison to Shopify.

Marrying Woocommerce with Wordpress has been a great success, but the point here is that for the sake of ease we only have to worry about a very small plugin supplied by Shopify that suddenly makes running a Blog and running a Shop incredibly simple. Now we have the Shopify 'Buy Button', and it's a joy to use.

Just as a very important side-note, you know how currently you might get a popular Blog to feature your product to get backlinks, gain awareness and sales? You used to have to send them your product image(s) and have them link to your collection or product page. Well now, people reading the blog can just buy straight from the page. Conversions WILL be better simply because a step has been taken away from the process.

The best example is to show you, right?

So you are reading this blog right now, but look, there is an article about cool and (very) geeky dungeons & dragons t-shirts. Oh, and look, you can buy them right from this post.

Many thanks to Stanko Steelbeard's Mead Hall for allowing us to use his shop as an example. All of these products are live and can be purchased! Right here. Amazing huh?



The first example is a single product with 'buy now' enabled and the second, which is a full collection, has the 'modal' operation enabled.


You can see how powerful of a tool Shopify have created here. The bottom line is that you can marry your perfect store with your perfect blog, or find blogs that deal with the interests of your audience and send them the embed code. Content for them, sales for you!

We have tested the 'Buy Button' in a few Wordpress sites and it works like a dream with the plugin installed. Try clicking 'add to cart' on one of the t-shirts above and you will notice a very cool sidebar appears displaying your cart. If you have installed the WordPress plugin, you don't need to embed any code, just press the 'add product' button at the top of your post or page and select your product or collection without ever leaving your admin UI.

The buy button embed code can be added pretty much anywhere that accepts javascript and it can also be added to emails.

Let's see that again. Added To Emails.

We are going to test this with Mailchimp shortly because that's the most widely used email platform used by Shopify store owners.

We will let you know how we get on. You might beat us to it! If you have any experience of doing this, let us know how you got on. Did it aid sales? Find out how to use the 'buy button' here.