Testament Shopify theme - 9 stores for your design inspiration

Testament is one of Shopify's best selling Shopify themes. Featuring a huge array of options this ecommerce template offers itself to a wide range of stores in any industry while maintaining a very simple setup with an easy configuration that allows you to quickly enable or disable any required sections.

The Testament Shopify theme is available in 4 presets, each of which are included within a single purchase and can be switched easily from the Customize theme > presets section of your store admin.

With a great following and a big list of stores using the theme it would not be possible to make a single post to showcase some of our favorites so we have decided to spread this over several posts in which we hope to offer some design inspiration for your next Shopify store project.

As with any Shopify theme the ease of code changes for those with a little experience can lead to some stunning designs and layouts so bear in mind that these stores may have made alterations of their own to fit with their own ambition and style that are not a core part of the theme.

Here are the first 9 stores for your design inspiration:

1. Saint Bowery

Saint bowery - testament Shopify theme

 2. Atelier Child

Atelier Child - Testament Shopify theme

 3. Nelly Bloom

Nelly Bloom - Testament Shopify theme

 4. Ishine 365

Ishine 365 - Testament Shopify theme

 5. Nunuco Design

Nunuco - Testament Shopify theme

 6. Francesca

Francesca - Testament Shopify theme

 7. Orikami

Orikami - testament Shopify theme

 8. Haute & Rebellious

Haute and rebelilous - Testament Shopify theme

9. Maker + Ink

Maker + Ink - testament Shopify theme


Did we miss your store or are you a designer that has taken Testament to a new level? Let us know, we are always looking for new undiscovered stores using our themes that we can help to promote.