Icon Shopify theme - 25 great stores for your inspiration

Choosing whether to use Premium Shopify themes for your online store or to go with a designer for something custom is often based on 2 key factors, Money and advice from a third party.

Choosing to use a template is a fast, cost effective way for you to get up and running. With a reduced financial outlay you get something that has been designed, coded, tested and approved by Shopify for use within their ecommerce platform with a wide array of settings and options you can configure different sections, load your own hero content and set color schemes, font styles and more.

For the inexperienced this is a great way to dive into a web project as the work has been done for you, the options have been pre-determined by the developers and if you get stuck help is there to walk you through problems for the life time of the template.

Many designers now base their entire business around the setup and tweaking of Shopify themes for their clients. It is a simplified business which removes the vast majority of long arduous tasks of getting a new store built, tested and launched quickly, the store owner already has a platform and modifications are easier to visualize and explain. Some will also scoff at the idea of using a theme, laying criticism to what they might call pre-packed template garbage and other ill conceived nonsense, why wouldn't they want to protect their $5k + per site fee?

The choice is yours but when it comes to budget a good theme with a solid support system in place will give you a sold return on investment especially when that support is free. As theme developers and Shopify partners we adhere to Shopify's best practices, support all themes whether sold in the Shopify theme store or our own and give the same level of service to all. Something you might not see in other third party sites. 

The Icon Shopify theme has seen several updates over the past year, most recently to include a faster and more responsive parallax setup in early 2016. The latest update optimizes the performance to take less toll on the users browser and eliminates the shaky sluggish performance when scrolling as seen on some parallax websites.

Since it's introduction in September 2014 we have seen a multitude of great looking online stores that have used the theme and came up with a great end product. Some have made modifications and others have simply used the built in features, here is a sample of 25 great Shopify stores that have made the Icon Shopify theme their own for your web design inspiration.

 1. Avid & Co

Avid & Co - Icon Shopify theme


2. Vertex London 

Vertex London - Icon Shopify theme


3. West 9 London

West 9 London - Icon Shopify theme


4. Beautiful Me

Beautiful me - Icon Shopify theme


5. Letarers

Letarers - Icon Shopify theme


6. Wall You Need is Love

Wall you need is love - Icon Shopify theme


7. Pepper & Mayne

Pepper & Mayne - Icon Shopify theme


8. Miss Rosa 

Miss Rosa - Icon Shopify theme


9. Tail Wag

Tail Wag - Icon Shopify theme


10. Grethen House

Grethen House - Icon Shopify theme


11. Sandmarc

Sandmarc - Icon Shopify theme


12. Ethology Tribeca

Ethology Tribeca - Icon Shopify theme


13. New Friends Colony

New Friends Colony - Icon Shopify theme


14. Nude Bee Honey

Nude Bee Honey - Icon Shopify theme


15. Baird Originals

Baird Originals - Icon Shopify theme


16. Frankies Swimwear

Frankies Swimwear - Icon Shopify theme


17. Bryr

Bryr - Icon Shopify theme


18. Emperor Apparel

Emperor apparel - Icon Shopify theme


19. Sundays the label

Sundays the label - Icon Shopify theme


20. Hazebury

Hazebury - Icon Shopify theme


21. Serpent & co

Serpent & Co - Icon Shopify theme


22. Brew Tea Company

Brew Tea co - Icon Shopify theme


23. Black Tuesday

Black Tuesday - Icon Shopify theme


24. Matiere

Matiere - Icon Shopify theme


25. Link Pro

Link pro - Icon Shopify theme


We hope that you are find inspiration from the above stores and will consider Icon for your next client project or your own ecommerce store.

For a full breakdown of specs, demos and purchase information take a look at our Icon Shopify theme.