What Goes Into A Premium Shopify Theme?

Testament Theme By We Are Underground

We Are Underground have been designing e-commerce and Shopify Themes for years. Our collective experience and skill have led to our being one of the most trusted and famous theme designers out there.

We know that when a Shopify Store owner installs one of our themes (which is easy by the way), they are getting something that is the total of many hours of work both in user experience design and the understanding of critical functionality within an e-commerce environment. That's not something you learn overnight.

We know how much the themes that we design contribute to every sale that you make. Our confidence comes from the repeated use of our creations combined with the comprehensive support that we offer.

Not every theme is perfect for you out of the box. Your business has complexities and intricacies that we cannot plan for, but you can rest assured that the theme-tweakers at We Are Underground can update any of our themes into something that works for your business. The framework is so good that making small fixes is well within our wheelhouse.

For those that need a bespoke Shopify Theme design, well that's something we offer too, and a large part of our business focusses on doing just that. We have designed and installed many themes over the years and offer the same level of support commitment that we would do with anything else that comes out of these walls.

But Don't Our Themes Get Old?

Ha ha. No.

Browsers change, trends come and go, and new technologies move the landscape around. We Are Underground live and breathe this stuff, and we are our worst critics as they say.

Our internal policy means that we regularly check our legacy themes to bring them up to date for you. We wouldn't want for you to have a theme that isn't playing nicely with your customers desktop or mobile device browsers. It defeats the objective of making sure that our Shopify Themes are the best out there.

For more information about Theme Tweaks, why not have a look over here: Shopify Theme Tweaks

Theme Families

Come and see our Shopify Theme Families. The same design isn't for everyone, but a Shopify Theme layout developed by We Are Underground is an investment that will pay dividends.