Icon - Now Availble in the Shopify Theme Store

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 5th theme in Shopify's own Theme Store. 
View Icon in our theme store or on Shopify



As well as being made available on our own store the added benefit to you of this theme store offering is that you can now preview the theme and also purchase within your monthly billing directly from the Themes section of your admin.


Getting a theme published by Shopify in their own store is no mean feat. It takes exceptional quality to first pass the high standards of design and aesthetics required by those within the world's number 1 ecommerce platform.

Should your theme be favourably designed and follow the requirements set you go through a 3 round process of submission with feedback from the team as to bugs found or anomalies in the various different browsers and devices that customers could be using. 


Themes are really put through their paces and pulled apart to squash any potential that a bug could be present that will cause customers or store owners issues in day to day operations.


With such high standards it is a true mark of distinction for any theme to be accepted, pass the stringent tests and then be offered by Shopify we are proud to announce the 5th theme from Underground Media being offered:


Icon, a Parallax Shopify theme with Sticky header, sticky sidebar and parallax scrolling homepage elements.



Icon's Homepage features several content rich elements which can be enabled or disabled to offer each store owner a dynamic, bespoke welcome page tailored to their needs offering control and choice of sections displayed.


Homepage Slideshow

At the top you you have an optional slideshow - this is like no other however as this slideshow sits behind more optional content that can be drawn from any page in your Shopify admin.... Rather than give you a small title and call to action button you can now draw in a complete page of content. 
Page content also gives you control over alignment, color schemes and links.... Not limited to text you can also include video or images.

If you want to go for a simple homepage slideshow with no other content - this is for you, automatically this will fill the screen regardless of the browser being used.


Homepage Products

Choose a collection from within your store and it's products will be showcase on the homepage, Think of your New Arrivals, End of Season Sales or just items that you love. This is an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled easily in the theme settings. You can also just show these products on your homepage with no other content if preferred.


Homepage Social & Email Marketing Area

Show your email signup and social networking links in their own area on the homepage complete with a background parallax image that scrolls against the grain as you move down the page. Optional image areas give you more scope to wow your customers and bring this area to life.


Homepage Featured Collections

Got lots of collections to show your customers? Turn this area on and showcase as many as you would like.

All Collections are easily controlled by a link list in your Shopify Navigation and a carousel allows quick cycling through all of the available products. Add a Featured image to each of these collections to bring them to life.


Additional Homepage Content

Show more content further down the page... About us content, some brand info, video images or anything at all that you would like. Complete with a parallax scrolling background image, this is an area to show off to your customers and create a memorable visually appearing impression.



Not just for Toilet Selfies and pictures of Bulldogs Instagram is a powerful networking tool that brings your customers closer to your products, create the right visual campaigns for your followers and Instagram will bring business. Show your customers behind the scenes images and examples of your products in use and showcase them right here on your homepage to build your following.


A smart sticky header allowing permanent access to your sites, navigation, account and cart follows customers down the page wherever they are in your store.

An optional sidebar is also available for product and collection pages - sticking in it's position as your customers scroll down, access to your stores collections and products is never out of the customers view.


We could talk forever about the features but that would be no fun for you. Take a look at the quick feature list or take a look at the Icon Shopify Theme demo