It is now possible to associate Product images to variants natively in the Shopify admin without the need for image naming, Alt text or any additional hacks.



What this does.

When a customer is shopping on your site and looking at a product that is available in different appearances where pictures would help make the sale... Selecting a variant ( for instance... Blue, Red, Green ) The image will now change to reflect the corresponding image.


How do i make it work

The feature is simple to use. In your Shopify admin click on Products and open a product. and scroll down to the Inventory and Variants section. Next to each image you will see a small Camera icon, click on this and choose the image you want to display when that variant is chosen. Click Save and close.


For a more detailed example of Variant images in Shopify take a look at Shopify's readme


I have one of your themes, how do i know if it supports this feature

This new feature was added to the July releases of the following themes as part of a large update





Mr Parker


The following themes are currently in our production queue for updates and will be re-launched late September






In your Shopify admin click on Themes and take a look at the theme you are using.... If the theme is labelled with "July 2014" then this will work immediately. The variant images will change along with any zoom or modal windows.


If you do not have this version you will need to download the latest version of that Shopify theme.


If you have already purchased the theme via Shopify's theme store then you can add the theme to your store once again without any additional costs... Shopify will only charge you once per theme and not for subsequent updates.

If you have purchased via this website then please contact us directly so that we can provide you with a download link for the latest version.


You will need to update the theme settings and any other code added to the latest version as these can not be inherited from one theme to another. For a full breakdown of how this works take a look at Shopify's theme explanation here: Shopify Docs


I don't want to update my theme and have to add the settings again.

If you do not want to update to the latest version of the theme we can apply the code required to your current theme.
Please note: At this time we are only offering this service to our themes and not those designed by others.

Cost for our installation of the Variant Images code is $100 USD