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  • Growing your online business

    Posted: Jun 22 2016

    Understanding your cost base In this next series of articles, we’ll be looking at the various funding methods that you can use to grow your online business. But first, we need to establish what the funding requirement may be if things go well. There’s no point in getting halfway across the ocean and running out of fuel! If you are reading this, then the chances are you have already made...
  • The Anatomy of a Fantastic Landing Page

    Posted: May 20 2016

    Design fads come and go. Every year visual elements undergo iterations of change. Spin back to the good old days of 'web 2.0' and it was all about shiny buttons and gradients. Then it was all about vintage badges, filtered photography (thanks, Instagram) and washed out textures. Going full circle from ultra tech to retro took around eight years. Who knows what's around the corner? We would hazard a guess...
  • Testament Shopify theme - 9 stores for your design inspiration

    Posted: May 10 2016

    Testament is one of Shopify's best selling Shopify themes. Featuring a huge array of options this ecommerce template offers itself to a wide range of stores in any industry while maintaining a very simple setup with an easy configuration that allows you to quickly enable or disable any required sections. The Testament Shopify theme is available in 4 presets, each of which are included within a single purchase and can be switched easily from the...
  • Icon Shopify theme - 25 great stores for your inspiration

    Posted: May 03 2016

    Choosing whether to use Premium Shopify themes for your online store or to go with a designer for something custom is often based on 2 key factors, Money and advice from a third party. Choosing to use a template is a fast, cost effective way for you to get up and running. With a reduced financial outlay you get something that has been designed, coded, tested and approved by Shopify for use within...
  • What Goes Into A Premium Shopify Theme?

    Posted: Apr 27 2016

    We Are Underground have been designing e-commerce and Shopify Themes for years. Our collective experience and skill have led to our being one of the most trusted and famous theme designers out there.We know that when a Shopify Store owner installs one of our themes (which is easy by the way), they are getting something that is the total of many hours of work both in user experience design and...
  • Do you have a Content Marketing Strategy?

    Posted: Oct 16 2015

    Do you have a Content Marketing Strategy?
    Do you have a Content Marketing Strategy? Content Marketing is pretty simple. Or at least it should be, but coming up with content to entice visitors can be a problem unless you are able to think laterally about it. We will explore ways to improve your thought process and creativity in another post, but for now we just want to know if you have a strategy to bring in visitors...