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  • Traffic Strategy. Not as sociable as it used to be!

    Posted: Apr 11 2016

    It wasn’t long ago that you could almost build your e-commerce business on the referrals that came from posts on social media platforms.All you had to do was create a genuine following by posting regular, interesting, relevant or funny or outrageous material on say Facebook or Twitter and then drop in a few promotion postings from time-to-time with landing pages to your products. Providing you were sensible and kept the...
  • Just Ask. eCommerce Marketing With Instagram

    Posted: Mar 09 2016

    Sometimes it's easy to forget the 'Social' aspect of Social Media, and it's various platforms and applications. When it's time to look at methods of marketing your product, you may have come to the conclusion that traditional advertising is an ever-decreasing struggle as the web fills up with 'kipple' to quote Philip K. Dick's interpretation of the build up of stuff without human intervention.You must have noticed the build up...
  • Your Cyber 5 Calendar Starts With Grey Thursday, Not Black Friday.

    Posted: Nov 11 2015

    Grey Thursday isn't a thing, but it's certainly a shade lighter than Black Friday. For online shops, the five days around Black Friday are the most important. They set the tone for your Christmas campaigns and let you know what you can expect until the Christmas cut-off where people get a bit panicky about having goods delivered in time for the big day. So what should your calendar look like...
  • Doing Engagement the Right Way

    Posted: Oct 21 2015

    Doing Engagement the Right Way
    Are you hiding from your customers? Have you ever sat back and realised that you are spending more time on running operations for your shop than engaging with your customers? Are you hiding from them?It's really too easy to fall into the digital marketer's trap of relying too much on analytics, researching which social posting tool is the best or has the most functions and so on.You feel like you...