Shopify Theme News & updates


    Posted: Aug 04 2016

    Fulfilling Into Other Countries In the last piece, we talked about attracting orders from overseas or foreign territories. We looked at how Shopify themes can be translated into other languages using Shopify's Language Translation features and how to endear your business to those buyers from other places. So an essential part of the process is to instil confidence to overseas buyers that the fulfilment process will work for them. To...
  • Growing Your Online Business Part 6

    Posted: Jul 27 2016

    Selling into other Countries The beauty of e-commerce is that you can reach everybody with your sales message almost equally irrespective of where you are based.  The term ‘almost ‘equally is relevant, though – and we’ll get to that shortly. But even if everyone can see your sales message, there are still several issues to consider before you offer your goods in countries or territories that are away from your...