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  • Business Strategy. Acquisitions Part 2

    Posted: Jun 10 2016

    Business Strategy. Acquiring Another Online Business Valuing a Target In our last Business Strategy article, we considered the possibility of making an acquisition of another eCommerce business to complement your own. In this piece, we’ll be looking at how to value another business for your purposes and in the following article next week we’ll be offering some tips on how to get a deal done that benefits all parties. So...
  • Business Strategy – Absolute Fulfilment

    Posted: May 04 2016

    Business Strategy – Absolute FulfilmentThere are thousands of helpful articles and blogs around that can help someone new to eCommerce set up and run their online store. The problem is that many of them are written by someone with a product to sell or an axe to grind.In our earlier series of blog articles on Traffic Strategy, we considered the various options available to drive traffic to your new shop...
  • Traffic Strategy. On Display

    Posted: Apr 22 2016

    During the series of articles on creating a traffic plan, we’ve looked at a range of methods to drive potential customers to your site. Some of these require time, and some require a financial investment. However, the most traditional way of attracting customers to see your products is simply through paid advertising. Moving on from printed media In the days where printed media was king, display ads were sold as...
  • A World of Margin

    Posted: Mar 29 2016

    One of the attractions of starting an online shop is that the barriers to entry are relatively low.  Whether you are already selling products elsewhere or decide to open up with a new idea, it’s a very short step to having your store up and running. Choosing your e-commerce platform and then picking a theme for your store is pretty easy and once you’ve set up the products and organised your...