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Shopify Theme News & updates

  • Shopify and WordPress Playing Nicely

    Posted: Jun 10 2016

    We will come right out with it and say that Shopify is fantastic as a shopping platform, but its blogging potential is not the strong point. The built-in blogging functionality is solid and useful for all of the reasons that a blog is useful, but it doesn't compare to the best and most famous blogging platform out there, which of course is Wordpress. The benefits of using Wordpress include the...
  • Taking Control of the Mailchimp Thank you page

    Posted: Nov 14 2014

    Taking Control of the Mailchimp Thank you page
    As many Shopify Themes now feature a built in connection to Mailchimp for adding email subscribers we are asked on many occasions if there is a way to not have customers directed to Mailchimp when they signup to email marketing lists.     The answer to this is Yes and here is our guide to setting that up.   In your Shopify admin click on Pages and then create a new...